Online Invoice Factoring Application

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Factoring Club 2016 winner for Construction industry

Please complete the below factoring application. Once it is received you will be asked to submit additional documentation.

To assist CapitalPlus Construction Services, LLC (“CPCS”) in its evaluation of whether to acquire Invoices issued by the applicant (“Company”), we represent and warrant to you, the following information about the Company, its organizational structure, and other matters of interest to you.

CapitalPlus Construction Services Online Factoring Application

  • Principals of the Business

    If there are more than two principals you will be asked to submit additional information once the application is received.
  • 2nd Principal Owner

  • Additional info regarding the principals

  • Accounts Receivable Information

  • Professional Services Information

  • 3 Largest Accounts You Expect To Factor (Accounts are not contacted at this time.)

  • First Largest Account

  • Second Largest Account

  • Third Largest Account

  • Additional Documentation Needed (if possible)

  • I/We certify as to the accuracy of the information provided and understand that you will be relying on the accuracy of this information when evaluating our Company’s Application. By submitting this Application either by FAX or electronically, Company and individual(s) authorizes CPCS to use any credit bureau or business to verify any information that is provided or needed in underwriting.

  • Owner 2 (if applicable)