Reno-based Finishing Contractor Receives $1.25M in Factoring Funding from CapitalPlus Financial Services

Knoxville, TN – April 2, 2024CapitalPlus Financial Services, a leading provider of receivables financing for the construction industry, is pleased to announce the successful funding of a $1.25 million working capital facility for a finishing contractor based in Reno Nevada.

They were growing quickly, but as a result, this prominent contractor began experiencing temporary financial shortfalls. After being turned down for additional funding by their long-term lender, they looked to CapitalPlus, which has long been known for creative solutions in the construction industry.

After numerous solutions were considered, CapitalPlus and the contractor’s senior lender ultimately decided on an intercreditor agreement that ensured that all parties were protected and the contractor received the capital needed to support their expanding project portfolio. “CapitalPlus is committed to supporting the construction industry by providing flexible financing solutions that address the unique challenges of our clients,” said Curt Powell, Vice President of Sales at CapitalPlus Financial Services. “This $1.25 million working capital facility is a testament to our dedication to out-of-the-box thinking with the goal of not only getting construction companies through financial hardships but also helping them thrive.”

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