Disaster Recovery

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Cash flow crunch caused by natural disaster work can put an end to your business.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, floods – you can’t plan for them, but you can plan to handle the cash flow crunch that comes with the additional work, materials and subcontractors they demand. Following a disaster, time is of the essence in gathering the necessary resources to mobilize your operation, and we work quickly to help you respond. CapitalPlus has extensive experience providing cash flow support to numerous Disaster Recovery Contractors across the U.S. and in the Virgin Islands.

Benefits of Capital Plus Disaster Recovery Factoring

In addition to all the benefits of factoring:


We enter into long-term Master Service Agreements so that when a disaster occurs and the phone rings, we can quickly underwrite a project and get our partners funded fast.


We understand the FEMA process and administration of funds along with invoice approval by the agency Program Managers.


We employ funds control to ensure that all subs are paid, lien releases are secured, and that work does not stop due to upset subcontractors.


We know each FEMA contract and contractor is different. We will purchase weekly invoices allowing contractors to meet the payroll of multiple small subcontractors.


Disasters can not be scheduled. With factoring you are always ready to fund and take on the next opportunity.


Disaster recovery always means having to staff up or hire subcontractors in a minutes notice. Doing so requires solid cash flow. With our financing, you know your are ready to hire up and bring on the subs you need.


Contractors doing disaster recovery never know what the full scope of the work is until the phone rings. Having a factoring relationship, you can safely know that you can reach out to speciality contractors and engage them immediately. This helps you to be an attractive one stop shop for any disaster.

Expertise Every Step of the Way

Our staff has direct experience working for FEMA and other state and local relief agencies supporting disaster response and recovery. This gives us a knowledge base second to none in the financial services community.

Improve cash flow, improve business.