Green construction is sometimes called ‘sustainable’ construction, but it goes far beyond just using solar panels. While that’s certainly one element, green construction is meant to significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the negative effects of construction on the environment. Green construction efforts should be practiced throughout the entire process, from design to construction to operation.

The purpose of introducing this concept was to design and develop more buildings that use a minimum amount of natural resources during construction and, once created, have a more positive environmental impact.

How to Become “More Green” in Your Construction Business

One of the first ways to become a green contractor is to make sure you don’t have toxic spills or dangerous releases from your equipment. Spill prevention is almost always easier and less expensive than spill cleanup.

Accidents do happen though, and you should be prepared in the event something happens beyond your control. In those situations, it’s important to clean up spills quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Cleaning Up Spills

There are a variety of spill kits available to help you do exactly that, depending on the type of spill you have.

Hazmat – for hazardous fluids like solvents and acids

Oil Only – to absorb oils from contaminated water

General Purpose – cleans water-based as well as oil-based fluids

Contractors should make sure all crew members are trained in how to accurately identify the type of spill and properly use the corresponding spill kit.

Other suggestions to help with the prevention and management of spills include:

  • Make sure you have a plan in place in the event of a spill.
  • Keep spill kits easily accessible.
  • If possible, store, fuel, and do maintenance on your equipment in a designated area.
  • Perform routine equipment inspections to check for leaks
  • Make equipment repairs immediately, when necessary

Keeping toxic spills out of the environment is as important a part of green construction as the other more familiar elements, such as using renewable materials, solar-designed energy systems, reducing water usage, and improving air quality.

Join the Green Trend in Construction

Because of the positive impact it has, green construction will continue to flourish until it likely becomes the norm in the industry. Training will need to be adjusted to accommodate the changes in technology and methodology of how construction is performed.

Green construction’s positive impact is not only good for the construction industry, but it’s better for our whole society.

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