In today’s business world, if you’re not online, do you even exist? How can anyone find you? You’re practically invisible. It’s not enough to put up a website and wait for potential clients or customers to discover it. Marketing is what helps potential clients and customers find you.

Businesses in every industry can benefit from hiring a marketing company to help generate leads and increase sales. To maximize those benefits, it’s best to seek out a marketing agency that knows something about your specific business or industry.

Marketing Has Changed

As technology evolves, the way you market your business must evolve as well. Outdated strategies are a waste of time and money. Even up-to-date methods can lead to disappointing results when they’re poorly executed.

Digital (or online) marketing, is necessary for today’s businesses. Digital marketing doesn’t necessarily replace traditional advertising methods but may act as a profitable supplement. Some agencies combine the best of both worlds, using online marketing in conjunction with conventional marketing.

When properly planned and carried out, digital marketing is highly effective in getting you found online, generating leads to your website, and helping convert those leads into sales and, ideally, into repeat customers.

Customer Habits Have Changed

In addition to marketing, customer shopping habits have also changed. Whether it’s business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), customers are going online to find everything, including contractors.

This makes it crucial for your business to have an informative, easy-to-navigate website that’s professional-looking and user-friendly. Your website is your primary marketing asset and serves as your 24/7 digital sales representative. Your site must be able to grab the attention of your website visitors and compel them to stay long enough to learn why your business is their best choice.

And this is not just limited to your website. Social media has exploded as a marketing and communication tool. The fact that social media is now the #1 way people communicate customer service issues or questions, marketers now build strategies around that one fact alone.

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Marketing Firms are Not Created Equal

It isn’t enough to just have a great-looking website if no one sees it. Marketing your website is critical. Traffic must be generated and visitors must be converted into buyers. Your online success depends on hiring a marketing firm that not only knows digital marketing but is also familiar with your particular industry.

What is your current marketing strategy? Are you in the “Build it and they will come” camp? Sadly, that rarely ever happens.

Have you placed the future of your business in the hands of a marketing agency? Or are you trying to handle it on your own, in addition to the responsibilities of running a business?

Either way, the question is…how’s that working for you?

If the marketing strategy for your construction company is not producing leads for you, if those leads are not converting into sales for you, and if those sales are not producing repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals, you probably need to look for a different marketer with a different approach.

You’re not alone either. Approximately 55% of construction businesses are suffering the same challenges you are.

The Solution May Be Simpler Than You Think

Working with a firm that specializes in online advertising for construction companies can make all the difference. You’ll have strategies designed by professionals who understand the challenges contractors face, and some of the most effective solutions for those issues.

Look for a company that specializes in your industry. They’ll help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. They can assist you in the best ways to maximize your digital advertising dollars for the best return on your investment.

They’ll assess your business, and provide suggestions for other ways you can use the Internet to help you reach your business goals. The difference between a digital marketer who helps all businesses and one who specializes in YOUR particular business is significant. It will affect how often people find you online, how well you rank in the search engine results, how much traffic is generated to your site, and what percentage of that traffic converts to sales and happy customers.

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