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Factoring Club 2016 winner for Construction industry

Are you a CPA, Attorney or other professional services firm that supports the construction industry? Do you have clients that have cash flow issues and cannot get traditional loans?

If so, We Can Help! Refer your client for a fee or simply refer them to a reputable alternative to traditional financing to help them grow or get back on their feet.


Advantages of receivables financing and working with CapitalPlus


No new debt is created in the factoring process. Companies are selling an asset at a discount to get to their cash. This helps your client to build their balance sheet.


We expand and grow with clients and are there when they need us. Use factoring when you need it and don’t when you don’t.


There are no long-term commitments like with traditional lines of credit. Spot factor or contract factor which ever suits the client’s needs.


Get cash when you need it. Uncle Sam comes around several times a year. Get cash to help keep the IRS out of your business or to help with legal expenses.

CapitalPlus Construction Services doesn’t just serve the construction industry, it is all we serve. We understand construction and the often-onerous pay terms that are passed down to your clients like PWP.

We partner with our clients and will even help them get their books in order, manage their lien rights and support them managing their risk when taking on new contracts. Refer your clients to us and the will be in good hands.

Call us today at (866) 227-7587 to see why we are the right partner for you and your construction clients.