Get Cash in Hand Today!

CapitalPlus turns unpaid invoices into cash.

CapitalPlus Construction Services provides construction invoice factoring and back office support services, including payment processing, lien rights compliance, risk management, and contract compliance.

Our services allow you to focus your time and money on projects to grow your business and not on your working capital and managing your back office.

What sets CapitalPlus Construction Services apart?



We have been focusing on the construction industry for over 10 years.


You are not locked into a specific software platform to obtain services.


We offer in-house underwriting for quick decision-making.


There are no long-term contracts.


There are no monthly minimums and no penalties for non-usage.


Our fee is all-inclusive which means no nickel and diming, no upfront fees, no wire fees, no hidden charges and no interest charges.

See how we can help your company grow today:


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Call us today at (866) 227-7587 to see how CapitalPlus Construction Services can get you the working capital and financial support you need today!