About CapitalPlus Construction Services

We help construction businesses succeed with an infusion of working capital.

Our funding services give construction companies in all trades across the country access to the cash flow you need to run your business – often within 36 hours. We offer a unique blend of continuous finance and operational support that enables you to pay suppliers promptly, meet payroll, maintain overhead expenses, pay taxes or compete for larger jobs. We use our expertise to help solve our customers’ financial challenges and help their businesses succeed. Traditional lenders are all too often looking for an opportunity to work construction firms out of their portfolios. When you need to refinance, Capital Plus will work with other lenders to offer a turnkey package to take out the bank while offering you long-term bridge financing

What sets us apart?


  • We are a direct funding source with decision makers on site.
  • Our in-house underwriting enables quick decision-making.


  • We have served only the construction industry for decades and understand the financing challenges you face.
  • Our team includes construction specialists with operating construction firms.


  • There are no long-term contracts.
  • You are not locked into a specific software platform to obtain services.
  • Will spot and contract factor.


  • Our fee is all-inclusive which means no hidden charges, no upfront fees, no wire fees, and no interest charges.
  • There are no monthly minimums and no penalties for non-usage.

Our Story

    CapitalPlus Team

    Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, we’re a uniquely blended team of experienced financial and construction industry experts. After a career in financial services, Scott Applegate recognized a unique opportunity to help construction companies. He founded the company in 1998 in response to a funding gap that we saw first-hand, one that left construction businesses without working capital. We have over 85 years of combined experience in finance, project management and construction operations. 

     Just for fun:

    • Since 1998 we have provided $1 billion in funding to all kinds of construction companies.
    • Knoxville is also the birthplace of George Roby Dempster, who invented the first steam shovel and dumpsters that are picked up on garbage trucks.
    • We are in good company with JetBlue Airways and Monster.com, who also launched in 1998.
    • Did you know Mechanics liens were conceived by Thomas Jefferson? They were introduced to encourage construction companies to work in the new capital city of Washington.