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Meet The Team at CapitalPlus Financial Services

We are extremely proud of the team we have built to serve you. Made up of many backgrounds, ages, industry experiences, and walks of life, our team is excited by the job we do – changing the lives of thousands of business owners, their workers, and their families for the better. Our motto of “We keep you building” is not just words on our business cards, it’s a mission we strive toward in everything we do.

We help construction businesses succeed
with an infusion of working capital

Our funding services give construction companies in all trades across the country access to the cash flow needed to run their businesses – often within 36 hours.

We offer a unique blend of continuous finance and operational support that enables you to: 

We use our expertise to help solve your financial challenges and help your businesses succeed. Traditional lenders often do not look favorably at construction firms. Here at CapitalPlus, construction financing is all we do! we will work with other lenders to offer a turnkey package to take out the bank while providing you with long-term bridge financing when you need financial support.

What Sets us Apart?



  • We know time is a huge priority for you. Our in-house underwriting enables quick decision-making.

  • You will work with the direct funding source with decision-makers onsite.



  • We are NOT an impersonal bank that thinks of you as merely just another “number”. And we are NOT a tech company funneling you through a faceless app. 

  • We ARE real people who have served the construction industry for decades and know the financing challenges you face every day. We believe that our success is based on your success.



  • You will not be locked into long-term contracts.

  • You are not locked into a specific software platform to obtain services.

  • You will not be “sold” a funding option that is not best for you – we have many options – some that might be a better fit for your specific situation.



  • As the construction landscape changes, so do our services. Our team continues to create multiple financing options to meet your ever-changing needs within the construction industry.

  • The team that will be assisting you has been recognized for their innovation in hundreds of magazines, blog articles, and industry news publications.

Our Story

After a career in financial services, Scott Applegate recognized a unique opportunity to help construction companies. In response, he started CapitalPlus in 1998. Under his leadership, CapitalPlus has become a uniquely blended team of experienced financial and construction industry experts based in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have over 85 years of combined experience in finance, project management, and construction operations.  

Meet Our Team

CapitalPlus is 13+ people working hard to make construction company funding more human, less robotic. Our diverse professional backgrounds in financial services, project management, and construction operations give us deep insights to support the growth of your business. And our human side believes in getting to know you and what makes your particular business successful.

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