About CapitalPlus Equity

CapitalPlus Equity is a national factoring company specializing in helping construction companies in all trades.

We assist contractors with their cash flow needs by providing invoice factoring and asset-based financing services. In 2016 we were awarded the best construction factoring company of the year award from the FactoringClub.


What sets CapitalPlus Equity apart?


We are a direct funding source with decision makers on site.


We offer in-house underwriting for quick decision-making.


There are no long-term contracts.


There are no monthly minimums and no penalties for non-usage.


Our fee is all-inclusive which means no nickel and diming, no upfront fees, no wire fees, no hidden charges and no interest charges.


We have been focusing on the construction industry for over 10 years.

Our factoring services can give you immediate access to cash. With CapitalPlus Equity you get a unique blend of continuous finance and system support allowing you to pay creditors promptly, meet payroll, maintain overhead expenses, pay taxes or compete for larger jobs.

We pride ourselves in helping to solve our customers’ financial challenges and we strive to help their businesses succeed.


Fun facts about CapitalPlus Equity:

  • We have over 85 years of combined experience in factoring, asset-based lending, financial services, equipment leasing, project management and construction operations.
  • We are headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, birthplace of George Roby Dempster, who invented the first steam shovel and dumpsters that are picked up on garbage trucks.
  • We can provide funding in as little as 24 hours.
  • We were founded in 1998, and are in good company with the launch of JetBlue Airways and Monster.com.