Contract and Volume Factoring

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Contract and Volume Factoring offers an option for discounted pricing and consistent cash flow.

Long-term project contracts that make you wait for payment place significant strain on your cash flow. These contracts get in the way of taking on that next great project. CapitalPlus Contract and Volume Factoring can be the solution. You agree to factor all your invoices on a project in return for volume discounts. Your suppliers gain certainty they’ll be paid on time while you gain the cash flow you need to move forward.

Benefits of Contract and Volume Factoring with Capital Plus:

In addition to all the benefits of factoring, you get:

Aggressive pricing in exchange for the volume of invoices.

Long term support you can count on to see a project through completion.

Funds control for the length of the project, reducing burden on your back-office staff.

No additional fees, all- inclusive.

Contract can be cancelled at any time. You simply pay the difference between the normal rate and contract rate.

Gives preferred vendors in the market comfort that they will receive prompt payments.

Ability to negotiate early pay discounts with subcontractors, helping to offset financing fees

Our fee is all-inclusive. No nickel and diming. No upfront fees, no wire fees, no hidden charges, no interest charges.

Improve cash flow, improve business.