Lien Compliance

Protect your rights with our Lien Compliance Services for construction companies and contractors.

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The ability to file a lien is the most powerful tool you possess when it comes to getting paid and maintaining your rights to the job.

But the rules are complex and the stakes are high. What has to be filed? When does it have to be filed? Who can file? What are the laws in your state?

Let our Lien Compliance Service monitor your construction related projects to ensure all forms are filed when and where they need to be filed in order for you to protect your lien rights. These services are included at no cost when you fund your projects with CapitalPlus.

What Lien Services do for you:

  • We will monitor your projects from the initial notification letter through notice of completion.
  • We can help ensure you receive all the lien releases from your subs and suppliers.
  • We will notify you of changes to lien laws in your area.
  • We can review your subcontract and assist you in staying compliant.

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