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What is Material Financing?

Material Financing is a short-term finance option where a third-party company like CapitalPlus purchases products for a subcontractor in order to extend their pay cycle and free up working capital.

Who is it for?

Subcontractors are often required to provide materials and perform work while only being able to invoice once a month. They must then wait for payment from the General Contractor or Owner. Suppliers on the other hand often want payment immediately or within days of placing the order which creates a cash flow/working capital gap in the company’s finances. Material Financing creates a bridge for these gaps allowing suppliers to be paid within terms.

In the construction industry completing a project on time is imperative to a company’s success. With Material Financing, materials can be ordered sooner and arrive on site quicker than current cash flow restraints allow. In doing so, companies are able to work faster, invoice sooner, and stay on or ahead of schedule. Material Financing also allows growing businesses to take on larger jobs than their current cash flow restraints may allow.

How Does Our Process work?

After being approved for financing through the application process we then need a Purchase Request detailing the products required. We will then issue an estimate, and upon review and approval, our client will issue a purchase order to CapitalPlus. We will buy the materials from one of our suppliers or set up a relationship with your preferred supplier. There are no changes in the flow of materials and the order will ship directly to the project or job site.

Benefits of Material Financing with CapitalPlus:


We help our clients close cash flow/working capital gaps on their projects.


Our fees are transparent: no nickel and diming or hidden charges.


We work with startup companies who have limited or no credit history.


We are a direct financing source with decision makers on site.


We offer in-house underwriting for quick decision-making.


There are no monthly minimums and no penalties for non-usage.


Our clients can order materials earlier to minimize lead time.


We finance materials for bonded projects.

Improve cash flow, improve business.