Contract and
Volume Financing

Get even lower rates and piece-of-mind with CaptialPlus’ volume financing.

Contract and Volume Financing offers an option for discounted pricing and consistent cash flow.

Long-term project contracts that make you wait for payment ​​can significantly strain your cash flow. These contracts get in the way of taking on that next project. CapitalPlus’ Contract and Volume Financing might be your solution. You agree to finance your project’s invoices in return for volume discounts. Your subcontractors and suppliers can be confident they’ll receive payment on time, and you get the quick cash flow you need to keep building.

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Benefits of Contract and Volume Financing with

In addition to all the benefits of traditional construction financing, volume financing adds the following benefits:

Aggressive pricing is available when committing to a volume of invoices.

Long-term support you can count on to see a project through completion.

Offering funds control for the length of your project, reducing the burden on your back-office staff.

It gives your preferred subcontractors and vendors comfort that that they will receive prompt payments.

Ability to negotiate early payment discounts with subcontractors, helping to offset financing fees

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You focus on building, we will focus on providing the cash flow you need.

Our construction financing solutions and services allow you to focus your time and money on building and growing your business without worrying about working capital or back office functions. We give you steady access to cash flow to help you grow – for operating costs, new or large contract needs, acquisitions, and more.

Asked Questions

If you are new to factoring or CapitalPlus Financial Services, we hope that we can give you the information you need to make the best decision for your company’s working capital needs.

Factoring is selling the right to payment of receivables or invoices to a factoring company for a small discounted rate. This allows you to not have to wait the normal 45-60 days for payment. Factoring provides billions of dollars to a wide range of companies - from multi-million-dollar corporations to small privately held companies each year.

It provides an immediate source of cash flow for your company to use as you see fit. The money can be used to take on more or larger projects, to meet payroll, pay taxes, replenish inventory, increase advertising, purchase equipment, improve your credit rating, and so much more.

When we purchase an invoice, we advance you a percentage of the face value. This advance rate amount varies based on the situation, your needs as our client, and an overall risk assessment. Generally you will receive 70-80% up front, then the remaining reserve (less fee) after your client pays. We are 100% transparent about our fees so you will never be surprised.

When we purchase your invoice, we will typically advance a portion of the invoice and hold the remaining in reserve. After we receive payment from your customer the reserve is wired back to you, less our fee.

You provide CapitalPlus with the original invoice and purchase order or contract, and we advance you a percentage of the amount that will be paid to you by your customer. The percentage that is not included in the advance is held in what we call the reserves. When CapitalPlus collects the total amount due on these invoices from your customers and refunds we send you the reserve balance to you less our fee.

The established factoring fee is a percentage of the purchase amount and the length of time it takes to collect. The amount is driven by the risk of each purchase, the pay term, and the number of invoices being factored. You will know the fee before agreeing to anything.

It is your choice how frequently you provide invoices for purchase. Just like buying in bulk at your favorite grocery store, you can receive a discount for committing to a higher volume of invoices. When you reach out for the first time, you will be assigned an Executive Account Representative. Tell your representative your needs and we will help you understand how you get the most out of factoring for the best price.

No. The name on the check remains yours. You will however, be required to change the remittance address of that check to our lock box.

No. Most contracts specifically define how your invoices should be prepared and when they should be submitted. We have contract experts on staff who can help you understand the requirements and help you comply with invoice formats and other issues.


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