Materials Financing

We buy the materials and supplies you need right now, and that buys you time.


What Do We Do?

We purchase Materials for general contractors, subcontractors, and owners to provide them with extended payment terms, freeing up working capital to help businesses grow. You gain the strategic advantage of being able to order materials sooner than your current cash flow restraints allows, so you can work faster, invoice sooner, and stay on or ahead of schedule. And in the construction industry, completing a project on time is crucial to your success.

Who Do We Work With?

Owners, general contractors and subcontractors in all construction industry trades. Our flexible approach also means we can work with companies in all stages of the business lifecycle, from startup companies who have limited or no credit history to established companies.

How Does Materials Financing Help Subcontractors?

Subcontractors are often required to provide materials and perform work while only being able to invoice once a month. They must then wait for payment from the General Contractor or Owner. Suppliers on the other hand often want payment immediately or within days of placing the order which creates a cash flow/working capital gap in the company’s finances. We create a bridge for these gaps allowing suppliers to be paid within terms.

How Does Materials Financing Help General Contractors and Owners?

General contractors and owners have to manage multiple subcontractors, most having multiple suppliers, which adds layers of complexity and risk. Materials are marked up at every layer, and lien risk rises, and delays for shipments can set jobs back substantially. GCs and owners can use our service to provide the materials down the chain which reduces complexity, mark up, and risk of lien. This ensures that quality materials are incorporated so subcontractors only have to focus on labor and job completion.CapitalPlus Materials Financing

How Does Materials Financing Work?

  • Client completes a Purchase Agreement and submits their materials quote(s) from their supplier
  • CapitalPlus purchases materials from supplier
  • Supplier ships materials directly to project or job site.
  • Client pays Capital Plus the principal plus our fees with extended terms

What Materials Do You Purchase?

From raw materials such as lumber, steel and concrete to full systems such as HVAC. We buy the materials and supplies you need right now, and that buys you time.

Benefits of Materials Financing with CapitalPlus:


We help our clients close cash flow/working capital gaps inherent in the construction industry.


Clients can order materials earlier to minimize lead time, with no logistics disruption.


Extended terms often give clients the time they need to receive payment from their client before our due date.


Clients free up working capital to take on larger jobs.


Our fees are transparent: no nickel and diming or hidden charges.


We are a direct financing source with decision makers on site.


We offer in-house underwriting for quick decision-making.


There are no monthly minimums and no penalties for non-usage.


We finance materials for bonded projects.