We recently had a chance to speak with Kimberly, from a masonry contracting company in Arizona, who is utilizing CapitalPlus’ construction factoring services. Since many contractors might be unfamiliar with the benefits of construction factoring for contractors she wanted to share their experience.

Q: Please tell us about your business. 
A: My husband and I founded our custom masonry company in 1998. We have been blessed to weather the adversity of the economy and the complications of the construction industry.

Q: What effect has factoring had on your business?
A: CapitalPlus has really helped us maintain continuity with our cash flow. Like many masonry contractors, we have customers who sometimes do not pay for 60-90 days and factoring has helped us with this.

Q: How do your customers feel about you using CapitalPlus as your factoring company?
A: The customers whose invoices we factor have never complained. I’m sure at times it helps them out as well with managing their outflow of funds.

Q: Would you recommend factoring with CapitalPlus Equity to other contractors?
A: I would recommend CapitalPlus to other contractors who are in need of generating continuous cash flow. The team is helpful and the funds are wired to your bank for easy availability usually within a day.

Like Kimberly, you too can use factoring to help you financially support your day-to-day cash flow. Give us a call at 865-670-2345. We would love to help your masonry business!

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