We recently had a chance to speak with Sharon, from a company in Wisconsin that provides marking services for underground utilities and is taking advantage of CapitalPlus’ construction factoring services. Since many contractors might be unfamiliar with the benefits of construction factoring for contractors she wanted to share her experience.

C+: Good morning Sharon. Tell us about your business. 
Sharon: “We have been in business for over 20 years and we provide locating and marking of underground facilities such as water, sewer, cable, etc. services for major corporate and government clients.”

C+: Before partnering with CapitalPlus, how long was it taking you to collect on invoices?
Sharon: “It was taking close to 30 days for our invoices to be paid.”

C+: What effect has factoring had on your business?
Sharon: “The feeling of relief when the money hit our account was incredible! Receiving our payments quicker has enabled us to pay our team on time and have cash on hand for other bills that came up. I can’t say how comforting that was.”

C+: How do your customers feel about you using CapitalPlus as your factoring company?
Sharon: “It has not affected our customers in any way. Their payments are simply mailed to a different place.”

C+: So, you would recommend factoring with CapitalPlus to others?
Sharon: “I would. I can personally recommend them to any small business that is working on a very tight financial schedule or budget.”

To learn more ways that CapitalPlus has benefited thousands of construction-based businesses, check out our Case Studies page.


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