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With so many types of alternative financing available to small businesses it is easy to get confused. Many solutions have slight differences in their offerings, some even have different names for the same product. One example is factoring. Many ask us “Is invoice factoring a loan?” Let’s delve into the confusing answer to a simple question.

Is there such a thing as an invoice factoring loan?

To best answer this question, you need to understand how invoice factoring works. With invoice factoring, a business agrees to sell its (outstanding) invoices to a factoring company that pays it a percentage of the invoice amount upfront and refunds the remaining difference (less fees) after receiving payment. Because the business is paid for selling a product, the invoice, no borrowing of money takes place. So, factoring is not a loan.

Why do people think factoring is a loan?

As stated before, alternative financing has many variations and options. One reason for the confusion is there is another financing option: Invoice Financing. Similar names, different methods of financing.

With invoice financing, the business borrows money from a lender, a loan, using its unpaid invoices as collateral. The lender then advances the business a percentage of the invoice value, and the business repays the loan over time, plus interest. It is this similar name that confuses people.

What is the difference between invoice factoring and a loan?

Here is a table summarizing areas of difference between invoice factoring and its loan counterpart invoice financing:

CharacteristicInvoice FactoringInvoice Financing
How does the business get money?Sells invoices to a factoring company at a discountBorrows money from a lender using invoices as collateral
Who collects the payment from the customer?The factoring companyThe business
Does the business retain ownership of the invoices?NoYes
How much money does the business receive?A percentage of the invoice valueThe loan amount minus interest
What are the cost differences?Typically higher than invoice financingTypically lower than invoice factoring
What are the funding timeframes?Very quick. Funding comes in as little as 24 hours after account setupWeeks to months

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Financing vs. financing

Confusion can also arise when people talk about “Invoice Financing,” the loan option discussed above, and “invoice financing,” the blanket term for any financing where invoices are involved. Occasionally, invoice factoring will be used under the generic heading of invoice financing, adding to the misunderstanding.

But I digress…

So, Is Invoice Factoring a Loan?

The answer is no, not factoring. Financing? Yes, sometimes.

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