As the rest of the world moves forward into the information technology age, so does the construction industry. More specifically, wearable technology is becoming more and more prevalent on the job site. These products do everything from assisting you in keeping your crew safe to being able to see three-dimensional plans on your job site before you even begin the project. Take a look at what kind of technology could be seen on a construction site in the near future:

Using Technology to Fight the Weather

In an industry where so much of the work takes place out in the elements, the environment is always a factor. Whether you’re in Minnesota or Texas, there’s wearable technology for you. If you’re battling an unusually harsh winter up north, you can get a heated jacket to keep you warmer on the job site for longer. On the other hand, you can now take the comfort of air conditioning with you when you leave the house with a new battery-powered air-conditioned jacket to combat the sweltering heat.

Technology for Staying Safe

For a long time, a hard hat and boots were all you needed, but those times are over. With advances in technology, we can more effectively keep workers safe, as well as accounted for. A company called SmartCap has invented an add-in for the traditional hard. This new hat will monitor your brain waves and alert you when you are too fatigued to continue working. This groundbreaking product will help eliminate needless injuries and accidents.

Plan for the Future

Augmented reality technology allows you to place your three-dimensional plans, to scale, at your work site. There is no easier way to find flaws or inconsistencies in your plans than walking through the actual project before it is built. If just one mistake is caught during this process, a catastrophe could be avoided with huge quantities of money saved as well as your ever-important reputation. As the world changes and moves forward, so does the construction industry, and the ones who embrace it to the fullest and reap the benefits will be the ones still around to take advantage of the next technology revolution.

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