Have you ever walked up on a sloppy job site? What was your first impression? I bet even if you work in construction and understand it’s a messy business, your first reaction was “I hope their work is not as sloppy as their job site”.

So if someone who’s not in the construction industry enters a sloppy job site, what do you think their impression must be? They’re probably already questioning the quality of the work produced by that company.

My First Home

I remember building my first home in Raleigh North Carolina. I can picture the site once the framing started. The site was a mess and my reaction was not good. It made me uncomfortable and concerned and caused me to question the builder on numerous things. I’m convinced if the site had been more orderly, the builder would have found me much more agreeable.

Safety First – Prevent Accidents from Happening

Fast forward 30 years and the world has changed. Today, safety has risen to the top of the list for owners and general contractors, as it should. Today, almost all contracts have a specific clause outlining the details of the clean-up required at the end of each workday.

Two of the biggest hazards at any construction site are injuries from slips trips and falls, and falling objects striking an employee. Cleaning up the job site reduces the frequency of both those hazards.

In fact, when working for larger firms, you’re often required to demonstrate that your OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate and Lost Time Rates are well below industry standards.

Productivity Drives Profitability

Being profitable in the construction business is driven by productivity. Plainly put…it means just how much progress can you make against the schedule on every given day. An organized site drives and maximizes productivity.

Easy ingress and egress drive productivity. Knowing where all the materials are neatly stored drives productivity. And if your materials are neatly staged, you can quickly assess when you need to increase your inventory. A clean and organized site means more profit for your business.

So even if you don’t worry about the bad impressions a sloppy job site gives to visitors and potential clients, clean it up anyway to make your employees safer and your business more cost-efficient and profitable!

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