Knoxville, TN – Aug. 15, 2023CapitalPlus Financial Services, a respected provider of tailored working capital solutions, proudly announces the successful facilitation of $2 million in funding for a renowned concrete contractor based in New York.

“This substantial funding injection allowed the business to bid on major projects and harness growth opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without this financial support,” stated Curt Powell, Vice President of Sales at CapitalPlus. “This factoring played a pivotal role in helping this business bid on high-stakes projects that demand even larger amounts of capital due to their geographic location.”

Powell emphasized the broader significance of such funding: “Empowering contractors with financial resources not only unlocks new opportunities for them but also strengthens the construction industry as a whole.”

For over two decades, CapitalPlus Financial Services has led the way in empowering construction companies with innovative financial solutions. The company’s commitment to serving the diverse needs of its clients has solidified its reputation as a go-to partner in the construction industry.

For more details about CapitalPlus Financial Services and its diverse array of working capital solutions, feel free to reach out or chat with us at 865-670-2345.

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