The short answer is anyone! Do you work with or come across construction clients who are struggling with cash flow needs?

If you answered yes, you could benefit from partnering with CapitalPlus Construction Services. We’re an experienced factoring company, specializing in the construction space for over 18 years.

CapitalPlus has become the go-to accounts receivable financing provider for many contractors in the commercial construction industry.  We’ve assisted hundreds of general contractors and subcontractors with their cash flow needs by helping them leverage the power of invoice factoring.

Who Benefits from Our Referral Program?

Many factoring companies, law firms, suppliers, vendors, CPAs, bankers, consultants, and individuals who work with companies in the construction industry have already discovered the benefits of becoming a referral partner with CapitalPlus.

Do you or someone you know currently work in or with the construction industry? If so, you can earn additional income by referring clients to CapitalPlus Construction Services.

Once you become a partner in our referral program you benefit as well. Some of our most popular benefits include:

  • No cost or obligation to you
  • Earning commission on all invoices we fund for your client for the lifetime of the client
  • Quick response – provides fast peace of mind for you and your client
  • Factoring does not add debt to your client’s books, resulting in a stronger company
  • We do all the heavy lifting – the only thing you need to provide is an introduction to the client/prospect
  • We handle all underwriting, approvals, lien compliance, and funding in-house
  • We specialize in construction so we can refer deals to you that are outside the construction space

If you would like to learn more about becoming a referral partner, and the services CapitalPlus can offer your clients, contact us at 865-693-2345 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and building a strong, mutually beneficial, referral relationship.